1. Creating A Night Vision Shader in UE5

    Showcasing the process I adopted in creating a beautiful and customisable Night Vision shader inside Unreal Engine 5.

    Night Vision Shader UE5
  2. Creating A Stylised Gradient Lambert Shader

    A dive into the stylised gradient lambert shader I created in Unreal Engine, inspired by "VALORANT" and "Team Fortress 2."

    Bioshock Inspired Environment
  3. Custom Specular Highlights in Unreal Engine

    Whether you're looking to expand upon the standard specular in Unreal or create a custom response that you can tweak to your liking, this post walks through creating your own model that allows for a ton of control.

    Bioshock Inspired Environment
  4. Game Mechanics

  5. Recreating The Smoke Grenades From Counter Strike 2

    This post explores the technique Counter Strike 2 uses for smoke grenades and I then create a similar technique in Unreal Engine.

  6. Look Development

  7. The Rendering Behind A LONG WAY DOWN

    An Explanation of some of the processes and techniques used in the creation of the look in "A Long Way Down".

    A Long Way Down
  8. Creating A 90's Cartoon Look Within Unreal Engine

    A look into how I developed a stylised look within Unreal Engine to replicate a 90's and early 2000's look.

    Toon Shader
  9. C++

    Uh Oh, It looks like there's nothing here yet.


    Uh Oh, It looks like there's nothing here yet.

    Game Design

  10. My First Game Jam Experiences

    In this post, I talk about my initial experiences with game jams and what I've learnt as a result.

    A Long Way Down